[fiksyen] The Chrononaut

Ini sebuah flash fiction atau certot (cerpen kontot)

by Kafir RB

It all started at the workplace. Workplace? I’m not replying to some stranger on Craigslist where I need to be creative. To gloss-over.

Let’s do this again.

It all started at the factory. Suddenly there was this excruciating pain. And then an intense numbness. I got distracted while working. My right arm was gone.

The machines turn on by themselves and the circuits have mood swings. The hydraulic press snarles at everyone. Unpredictable. Machines have become our new pets, not yet Skynet-like but close. I guess what happened to me was the equivalent of being bitten by a dog.

The Yin to the Yang? My employers saw that they were liable to my getting distracted checking out the person I liked. Of course I did not disclose this. They paid for my prosthetic arm. An exoskeleton that looks like the real thing. Even matched my skin tone.

Almost half a year on, it started to creak. Frequently unresponsive. Clearing its cache didn’t help much.I could factory reset it. But that would mean needing time for it to re-learn; gripping, writing and the works. Luckily I could eat with my left hand, and the haram-ness won’t apply to me.

A friend wanted to go to some black market. I tagged along. I could type ‘followed’ but it had assumed another dominant meaning. ‘Tagged’ too. At least ‘tagged along’ is immediately understood. Sorry for stating the obvious there. I forget I’m in 2016 as I write.

At the black market, I saw stalls that displayed human parts. The first few were too expensive for my paycheck. The parts were preloved but in mint condition. I moved along. A seller told me, “AAA quality. Brand new”. “A faked fake arm”, I thought. Not that i cared much so I bought two pirated fake arms.

I unboxed them at home. Fuck! One needed new batteries. The other one was not the right arm. In a fit of rage I threw the left pirated prosthesis to the floor. It broke into pieces.

I delete the unboxing video. I will  not  now vent out on socmed. In 2016.


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