(Fiction) Alter – by Kafir RB


It seems far-fetched that she could come out alive. She is right at the back of a bus. The bus meanders through. The free-fall came.

Final thoughts are the most unimportant. One that will evaporate in no time. Such minute effect on anything. If any.

On second thoughts, it could alter anything that you hold on to. Up until those thoughts spring up. You might end up with a final affirmation to end it all. The last hurrah that one desires so badly.

Wait. Your chance to earn a fantastic death experience. Perhaps some amazing mind-alteration. The sweet surrender that is beyond description. Yielding to mother nature. The greenery. The waves. Priceless.

The wind whistles. She  wore an expression so alien to me. To an AI. Could a bus fear death?

That one misapprehension I no longer feel any urge to correct. No words and phrases from anyone I wish to quote.

As though this were an ordinary exchange I could divert with no effort, I said, “Humour me with your most twisted thoughts”. I chuckled.

I burped and felt that distinct farinaceous taste. Umami.

What a trip.


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